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September 2021: Breathe


Be mindful of your breath.

In a time where an airborne virus threatens us, it can be disconcerting to think about breath. Rather, it becomes imperative to find spaces where we can freely breathe with ease.

Whether in nature, a sacred home space, or reclining in bed, our breath at its resting pace is needed to engage our parasympathetic nervous system, our internal reset button away from panic toward relaxation.

Defenses on prolonged high alert can be like putting a car in neutral while stomping on the gas--the acceleration goes nowhere and depletes precious energy with no positive effect.

Find a space where you can freely breathe with ease. Take time to notice your inhale and exhale. Breathe in to a count of three, pause for a count of three, breathe out to a count of three, pause for a count of three. Repeat the cycle.

You can do this anywhere: standing in line at the checkout, waiting in traffic for the stoplight to change, sitting at work prior to answering the phone or responding to an email. Wherever and whenever you can, remember to breathe.

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