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Reiki III

Energy Medicine

Sound Healing

Your body's electromagnetic field is filled with and surrounded by energy. This vessel of invisible connectivity influences your health and well-being.  My gentle hand movements bring your energy body into balance naturally. By smoothing static patterns into flow, the parasympathetic nervous system engages, calming  symptoms of mental stress, emotional upset, and physical tension as your body eases itself into relaxation. Energy Therapies clear your chakra centers and meridian channels, cleansing your aura, releasing emotions, and enhancing  organ function. Surrender into a relaxed state to restore your innate healing potential.

Reiki founder and Japanese monk, Dr. Mikhao Usui, studied ancient Buddhist healing and shamanism in the early 1900s in order to cure himself of physical ailments. After restoring health to himself, he shared his self-healing with others, recruiting students to teach his methods. As a Reiki Master, I use his specific hand gestures and sequencing techniques to soothe your body's energy field into its natural state. Reiki blends the Japanese words Rei  (universe/sun) and Ki (life force/energy) and activates the  universe life force or sun energy to revive vitality.

Energy Medicine includes techniques from Pranic Healing, Healing Touch, the acupoints and meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine,  and a variety of healing practices from ancient cultures. Enhanced by the contributions of Donna Eden, Barbara Brennan, Valerie Hunt, Brugh Joy, Candida Maurer, and others, these dynamic interventions combine to offer a comprehensive energic alignment. 

Sound Healing dissipates the mechanical noise pollution and electronic static emissions absorbed by our energy fields from modern machinery and technology.  Soothing tones hum your natural vibrations into rhythm, interrupting waves of disturbance and returning harmony to your overall vibration.

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