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Interdependent and Sustainable Healing for All

Select the circle that best reflects how well your current income meets basic needs. Choose a price within the range suggested that feels appropriate for you.  Regardless of your payment amount, by investing in your own healing you are amplifying the health of our community. (1-hour in-person or virtual sessions.)

Fill in the blanks:

My current resources

______  ______

 basic needs.

moderately exceed

$85 - $60

amply exceed

$110 - $90

modestly exceed

$55 - $30

do meet

$25 - $5

Choose Your Method of Payment:

Cash ~ Check~ Square

 PayPal =

Venmo = Deb-Kline-2

don't meet


Image by Saffu


Wellspring Wellness

1910 George Allen Ave.

Ames, IA 50010


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