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My calling and my passion intertwine--sharing healing with others. As a spiritual director, energy healer, and Reiki Master, as an artist and musician, and most recently as an author and public speaker, my healing comes full circle, allowing my former struggles to guide others who navigate difficult paths. May the gifts that helped me be blessings on your life's journey.


In my life's middling, I play by dancing (like the four-year-old me in a tutu), singing (like the five-year old me on a swing) lunching (like the six-year-old me in the school cafeteria with friends) and gardening (like the seven-year-old me playing in the dirt with my grandma). The middle-aged me enjoys capturing images on my camera phone, especially the large and small beauty of the natural word. I also take time to rest by watching the birds at my feeders (a pastime handed down from my mother and her mother before her), or napping (like the toddler me--except the adult me welcomes rather than resists the pause).

I enjoy married life with my partner, Kendal, and our immediate family of recued pets. Currently, our daily routine includes nature walks with dogs Heidi and Zoey, and evening cuddles with cat Cliff.

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