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I offer my music for free and request in-kind donations to non-profit social justice agencies for website visitors who are able to do so. In this way I share my music, you enjoy my music, and others benefit from our creative exchange with both musician and music lover paying it forward.

Contact me if you prefer to purchase a CD ($10 each + shipping).

(All rights reserved. Do not use without permission.)

Child's Play

I began writing piano solos at age 10. Here are the songs in the order that I wrote them, from first to last, beginning in 5th grade through high school.

Every Little Piece of Me

This CD of folk guitar songs I wrote in my 30s, except for "Waiting for Rain." I wrote the accompaniment and melody in 8th grade music class when I first learned the guitar. The lyrics came in my 30s.

Forgetting to Remember

Forgetting to Remember was a piano song album first, next a concert, and finally a book. Here are my healing songs. The "Sad Etudes" are right handed melodies I wrote in my mid-teens, "Four Walls" & "Soul Searching" I wrote in my early college years. The rest I wrote in my 30s upon remembering my forgotten childhood.

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