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Partner with Me

to Promote

Awareness and Healing


Are you connected to community organizations that assist victims of child abuse, sexual assault, or mental illness?

Then I want to connect with you:


Direct Service Providers

Supportive Allies




Let's collaborate on a fundraising event for your organization! 


Music Concerts

Art Exhibits

Public Speaking

Book Signings


My first fundraising music concert,

in conjunction with a local women's shelter,

raised over $2000.


Community vendors donated time and waved fees, providing advertising, access to the venue, a sound engineer with equipment, and refreshments--all for free. We shared proceeds from cd sales and freewill donations at the door. It was a win for the women's shelter, a win for me, and a win for everyone in attendance--full circle healing at its best.


Use the CONTACT button in the menu (at the top right of this page) to collaborate with me for your fundraising event. 

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